Our Colorful Story


"All my colors are named after pets - dogs, cats, horses of clients, friends and employees. We love our animals at Bridget Beari! As you know Bridget and Beari are dogs! I hope designers will love these colors as much as I do. I can't wait to see them worked up into room designs other than the ones I have done."

Susan Jamieson, owner and founder of Bridget Beari Designs created her first set of 76 wall colors as a "Classic" palette.  Since then Bridget Beari® Colors has expanded to almost 200 selections with the addition of her "Modern", "Exotic" and "Metallics".

For over 20 years Susan has been inspired by the natural world around her and the relaxed, authentic southern style with which she grew up. Perhaps her greatest inspiration, however, are her ever interesting and lovable menagerie of dogs and cats. In fact, the names of each paint color are those of the favorite pets of family, friends and clients ... hence WaggingWhite, Mr. B, Max-A-Million, Puddytat, and Lulabelle Green. Bridget Beari Colors are a reflection of Susan’s stylish, livable style.



Squash brightens the beautiful yellow walls of this lively Living Room.



No. 29


Wagging White sets a serene background for this lovely neutral palette.

Wagging White

No. 1

Tooney Fish adds a rich tone to this library's ceiling.

Tooney Fish

No. 75

Pickle is vibrant on these living room walls.


No. 37


Joe's Java gives a great undertone to this contemporary game room.

Joe's Java

No. 68


Biscuit creates a relaxed atmosphere in this stylish living room.


No. 62


Ping Cream the perfect compliment to the beautiful wood accents in this living room.

Ping Cream

No. 61



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